Full Moon Calendar 2038

When are the full moons in 2038? Here’s the Full Moon Calendar 2038 to help you keep track of the 12 full moons.

Photo of the full moon with the words Full Moon Calendar 2038

The dates and times provided by NASA in United States Eastern Time (ET) account for both Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for part of the year in the United States. Also below is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time. This was previously referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Since your local time zone may be different, the exact dates may shift slightly for your calendar.

Full Moon Calendar 2038

For 2038, there will be 12 full moons. Where there is not a calendar blue moon on the calendar for 2038, there is a seasonal blue moon that will occur in May.

The 2038 spring season will have 4 full moons because the March 2038 full moon will occur hours after the Spring Equinox.

In addition to the seasonal blue moon, there will be four penumbral lunar eclipses in January, June, July, and December.

Note: The UTC dates show up differently for the January and June full moons because of the conversion between EST and UTC. 

MonthFull Moon 2038 DateUTC Time
January 2038January 20, 2038 23:00 EST04:00 UTC
(January 20, 2038)
February 2038February 19, 2038 11:0916:09 UTC
March 2038March 20, 2038 22:09 EST03:09 UTC
(March 21, 2038)
April 2038April 19, 2038 06:36 EST11:36 UTC
May 2038
(Seasonal blue moon)
May 18, 2038 14:23 EST19:23 UTC
June 2038June 16, 2038 22:30 EST03:30 UTC
(June 17, 2038)
July 2038July 16, 2038 07:48 EST12:48 UTC
August 2038August 14, 2038 18:57 EST23:57 UTC
September 2038September 13, 2038 08:24 EST13:24 UTC
October 2038October 13, 2038 00:22 EST 05:22 UTC
November 2038November 11, 2038 17:27 EST22:27 UTC
December 2038December 11, 2038 12:30 EST17:30 UTC