Full Moon Calendar 1999

Wondering when were the full moons in 1999? Here’s the Full Moon Calendar 1999 to help you go back and check the 13 full moons.

Photo of the full moon with the words Full Moon Calendar 1999

Full Moon Calendar 1999

Before continuing into the 2000s, we finished the 1990s with an interesting year of full moons.

1999 was a year with 2 blue moons and a black moon. The two blue moons occurred in January and March. As a result, February did not have a full moon at all. A month without a full moon is referred to as a black moon.

The December 1999 full moon also fell on the same day as the Winter Solstice. This setup a seasonal blue moon for the Winter 1999/2000 season, which will occur in February 2000.

The January blue moon also occurred with a penumbral lunar eclipse. A partial lunar eclipse coincided with the July 1999 full moon.

The dates and times are provided by NASA in Eastern Standard Time (EST) with Daylight Saving Time (DST) for part of the year. Also below is the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) time. This was previously referred to at Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Note: The UTC dates show up differently for January and August because of the conversion between EST and UTC. 

MonthDay of the weekFull Moon 1999 DateUTC Time
JanuaryFridayJanuary 1, 1999 21:50 EST02:50 UTC
(January 2, 1999)
(Blue Moon)
SundayJanuary 31, 1999 11:07 EST16:07 UTC
FebruaryNONE! Black moon
MarchTuesdayMarch 2, 1999  01:59 EST06:59 UTC
(Blue moon)
WednesdayMarch 31, 1999 18:49 EST23:49 UTC
AprilFridayApril 30, 1999 10:55 EST15:55 UTC
MaySundayMay 30, 1999 02:40 EST
07:40 UTC
JuneMondayJune 28, 1999 17:37 EST22:37 UTC
JulyWednesdayJuly 28, 1999 07:25 EST12:25 UTC
AugustThursdayAugust 26, 1999 19:48 EST
00:48 UTC
(August 27, 1999)
SeptemberSaturdaySeptember 25, 1999 06:51 EST11:51 UTC
OctoberSundayOctober 24, 1999 17:02 EST22:02 UTC
NovemberTuesdayNovember 23, 1999  02:04 EST07:04 UTC
DecemberWednesdayDecember 22, 1999 12:31 EST17:31 UTC

1999 Equinoxes and Solstices

Below are the dates for the equinoxes and solstices from 1999. Interesting to note the December 1999 full moon occurred on the same date as the winter solstice.

As the December full moon reached its peak a few hours after the Winter solstice, the full moon occurred in the Winter 1999/2000 season, no the Fall 1999 season.

MonthEquinox/Solstice1999 DateUTC Time
MarchVernal Equinox (Spring )March 20, 1999 21:46 EST08:35 UTC
JuneSummer SolsticeJune 21, 1999 15:49 EST02:48 UTC
SeptemberAutumn EquinoxSeptember 23, 1999 07:32 EST18:28 UTC
DecemberWinter SolsticeDecember 22, 1999 02:44 EST13:38 UTC

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