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Mark your calendars for the next Full Wolf Moon, the full moon that occurs every year in January.

Photo of the moon for the date of the the Full Wolf Moon, the January Full Moon

The dates and times provided by NASA in the United States Eastern Time are for Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for part of the year in the United States. Also below is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time. Since you may be in a different time zone, the exact dates may shift for your calendar.

Why the January Full Moon is called the Full Wolf Moon

Nature generally inspires the names of the full moons. The January full moon is referred to as the Full Wolf Moon, named for wolves howling at the moon.

Other Names for the January Full Moon

Also to note, the January Full Moon has a few other names including: the Old Moon, Ice Moon, Moon After Yule, and Full Snow Moon.

You may notice the February Full Moon is referred to as the Full Snow Moon. Sometimes the names overlap depending on the source.

When is the next Wolf Moon?

The next Full Wolf Moon will be on Thursday, January 25, 2024. It will be the second full moon of Winter 2023-2024.

When was the last Wolf Moon?

The last Full Wolf Woon was on Monday, January 17, 2022 6:48 PM. It was the first full moon of Winter 2021-2022.

Wolf Moon Calendar 2023 to 2029

The next Wolf Moons in January are on:

YearDateUS Eastern TimeUTC Time
Wolf Moon 2023Friday, January 6, 20236:08 PM EST11:08 PM UTC
Wolf Moon 2024Thursday, January 25, 202412:54 PM EST5:54 PM UTC
Wolf Moon 2025Monday, January 13, 20255:27 PM EST10:27 PM UTC
Wolf Moon 2026Saturday, January 3, 20265:03 AM EST10:03 AM UTC
Wolf Moon 2027Friday, January 22, 20277:17 AM EST12:17 PM UTC
Wolf Moon 2028Tuesday, January 11, 202811:03 PM EST4:03 AM UTC
(January 12)
Wolf Moon 2029Tuesday, January 30, 20291:03 AM EST6:03 AM UTC

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Photo of the moon for the date of the Next Wolf Moon, the Full Moon in January