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Mark your calendars for the Full Snow Moon 2022, the full moon that occurs in February.

Picture of the moon to look at the Full Snow Moon 2022 date: the February 2022 Full Moon

Why the February Full Moon is called the Full Snow Moon

Full moon names are inspired by nature. The February full moon is referred to as the Full Snow Moon, named for snow that frequently occurs during the month.

And while the January Full Moon is usually called the Full Wolf Moon, sometimes it’s also referred to as a Full Snow Moon. The various full moon nicknames have different sources and sometimes they overlap.

When is the Full Snow Moon in 2022?

Mark your calendars for the February 2022 Full Moon. The 2022 Full Snow Moon will be on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 11:57 EST based on the data provided by NASA.

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Future February Full Moons for 2022 to 2025

Here is a list of the next four February Full Moons for 2022 to 2025.

Snow Moon 2022February 16, 2022 11:57 EST
Snow Moon 2023February 5, 2023 13:29 EST
Snow Moon 2024February 24, 2024 07:30 EST
Snow Moon 2025February 12, 2025 08:53 EST

Past February Full Moons 2017 to 2021

And here is a list of the February full moons that occurred from 2017 to 2021. Or in some cases, did not occur.

February usually has 28 days, and 29 in leap years. A full moon cycle is 29.5 days. If the dates don’t align just right, February is left without a full moon. When this happens, a month without a full moon is called a Black Moon.

In the recent past, January and March 2018 both had 2 full moons each. The Full Snow Moon 2018, as a result, did not happen and was instead called a Black Moon.

Depending on where you are located sometimes the February black moon will occur in one timezone but not in another.