About FullMoonology

Hello and welcome to FullMoonology, a blog dedicated to full moon calendars and more.

Wondering why?

Why not? I’ve always been fascinated by the full moon. My late father’s hobby was astronomy. Over the years I’ve kept up staring at the stars. But you also have to admit, weird things seem to happen around the full moon. So it’s better to know when it’s coming, rather than be surprised. 

And for anyone that knows the moon affects the ocean tides, keeping an eye on the calendar is also helpful when there’s a big storm coming. I say that speaking as someone that watched Superstorm Sandy batter the Jersey Shore on a full moon, at high tide!

So fullmoonology is here for your information and entertainment purposes. Check out the calendars and other information available.

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The calendars on FullMoonology are a combination of information gathered from multiple sites including NASA, AstroPixels, and multiple Almanacs in order to align the dates, with seasons, full moon nicknames, lunar eclipses, the start and end of seasons.