Full Strawberry Moon 2022: the June Full Moon

Mark your calendars for the Full Strawberry Moon 2022, the full moon that occurs in June.

Picture of the Full Strawberry Moon 2022, the June Full Moon

Why the June Full Moon is called the Full Strawberry Moon

The June Full Moon nickname is probably not a huge surprise if you happen to eat strawberries. Welcome back Summer and the lovely little red fruit.

When is the Full Strawberry Moon in 2022?

Mark your calendars for the June 2022 Full Moon. The 2022 Full Strawberry Moon will be on Tuesday, June 14, 2022 07:52 EST based on the data provided by NASA.

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Future June Full Moons for 2022 to 2025

Here is a list of the next four June Full Moons for 2022 to 2025.

YearDay of the weekFuture June Full Moons
2022TuesdayJune 14, 2022 07:52 EST
2023SaturdayJune 3, 2023 23:42 EST
2024FridayJune 21, 2024 21:08 EST
2025WednesdayJune 11, 2025 03:44 EST

Past June Full Moons 2015 to 2021

And here is a list of the five June full moons that occurred from 2015 to 2021.

Depending on where you are located sometimes the full moon will shift dates between timezones.

YearDay of the weekPast June Full Moons
2015TuesdayJune 2, 2015 12:19 EST
2016MondayJune 20, 2016 07:02 EST
2017FridayJune 9, 2017 09:10 EST
2018ThursdayJune 28, 2018 00:53 EST
2019MondayJune 17, 2019 04:31 EST
2020FridayJune 5, 2020 15:12 EST
2021ThursdayJune 24, 2021 14:40 EST

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have additional questions about the Strawberry Full Moon, past, present, and future? Check out these frequently asked questions for additional help.

When is Strawberry Moon 2021?

The Strawberry Moon 2021 will be on Thursday June 24, 2021 14:40 EST or 18:40 UTC. This will be the first full moon of the Summer 2021 season as it occurs a few days after the Summer Solstice.

What day is the Strawberry Moon 2021?

The 2021 Strawberry full moon will occur on a Thursday, specifically on June 24th. It will be the first full moon of the 2021 Summer season as the Summer Solstice will happen a few days before.

When is the Strawberry Moon 2022?

The Full Strawberry Moon 2022 will be on Tuesday June 14, 2022 07:52 ET or 11:52 UTC. This will be the third full moon of the Spring 2022 season as it occurs almost a week before the 2022 Summer Solstice.

Additional Full Moon Calendars

And if you’re looking for when the full moon occurs for the rest of the year, check out these future full moon calendars.