Full Moon July 2022, The Full Buck Moon

Mark your calendars for the next July Full moon! The July 2022 full moon will be on Wednesday, July 13, 2022 14:37 EST or 19:37 UTC based on the data provided by NASA.

The last 2021 July was on Friday, July 23, 2021 22:37 EST or Saturday, July 24, 2021 03:37 UTC

And the next full moon will be coming up in August.

Picture of the July 2022 Full Moon, the Full Buck Moon

The Name for the July Full Moon

The July full moon is commonly referred to as the Buck Moon.

Dates for the Full Moons in July for 2022 through 2024

Wondering when in the future the full moons will occur in July beyond July 2022 full moon? Here’s a list through 2024.

Full moons can coincide with a lunar eclipse: total, partial, or penumbral. Looking at the next four years, none of the full moons will line up with an eclipse.

Most recently, the July 2020 Full moon peak occurred with a penumbral lunar eclipse.

The dates and times provided by NASA in the United States Eastern Time (ET) account for both Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for part of the year in the United States. Also below is the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time. This was previously referred to as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Since you may be in a different time zone, the exact dates may shift slightly for your calendar.

YearDay of the weekFuture July Full MoonsUTC Time
2022WednesdayJuly 13, 2022 14:37 EST19:37 UTC
2023MondayJuly 3, 2023 07:39 EST11:39 UTC
2024SundayJuly 21, 2024 06:17 EST11:17 UTC

Past July Full Moons

And what about in past? Here is when the full moon occurred in the past Julys.

For these two years, the interesting thing to note is that the July 2018 Full Moon coincided with a Total Lunar Eclipse.

YearDay of the weekPast July Full MoonsUTC Time
2021FridayJuly 23, 2021 22:37 EST03:37 UTC
2020SundayJuly 5, 2020 00:44 EST05:44 UTC
2019TuesdayJuly 16, 2019 17:38 EST21:38 UTC
2018FridayJuly 27, 2018 16:21 EST21:21 UTC
2017SundayJuly 9, 2017 00:07 EST05:07 UTC

July Blue Moons

The next July Blue Moon won’t be until the July 2034 full moon as there will be two full moons that month.

A blue moon is when 2 full moons are in the same calendar month. Months with 31 days, such as July make it easier to have a blue moon because a full moon occurs about once a month or, 29.53 days on average.

The seasonal blue moon is a second definition for blue moons in which 4 full moons occur in a season. The third full moon of the season is called the seasonal blue moon in the seasons which have 4 full moons. The July full moon will always be either the first or second full moon of the summer season so it will never be a seasonal blue moon.

It’s also possible depending on the time zone that the blue moon month could shift. For the purpose of this website, the blue moons will be defined based on Eastern (United States) time.

And if you’re looking for when the full moon occurs for the rest of the year, check out these additional full moon calendars.