Full Moon December Calendar for 2022, The Full Cold Moon

Mark your calendars! The next December full moon is Wednesday, December 7, 2022 23:08 EST based on the data provided by NASA. Most recently in 2021, the December 2021 full moon was on Saturday, December 18, 2021 23:36 EST.

December 2022 Full Moon, The Cold Moon

Names for the December Full Moon 

The December full moon is commonly referred to as the Full Cold Moon, a fitting name for a moon occurring in a cold month. It’s also been referred to at the Long Nights Moon, equally fitting given December has the shortest day of the year.

Future December Full Moons

Wondering about December in the future and when the full moons will occur? Here’s a list for the next few years.

YearDay of the weekFuture December Full Moons
2022WednesdayDecember 7, 2022 23:08 EST
2023TuesdayDecember 26, 2023 19:33 EST
2024SundayDecember 15, 2024 04:02 EST
2025ThursdayDecember 4, 2025 18:14 EST

Past December Full Moons

And what about the in past? Here is when the full moon occurred in the past for December.

In 2015, the December full moon occurred on Christmas!

YearDay of the weekFuture December Full Moons
2021SaturdayDecember 18, 2021 23:36 EST
2020TuesdayDecember 29, 2020 22:28 EST
2019ThursdayDecember 12, 2019 00:12 EST
2018SaturdayDecember 22, 2018 16:00 EST
2017SundayDecember 3, 2017 10:47 EST
2016TuesdayDecember 13, 2016 19:05 EST
2015FridayDecember 25, 2015 06:11 EST

Christmas Full Moons

For those who celebrate Christmas, it can also be interesting to know when the holiday will also coincide with a full moon. In years where the dates are close, depending on your time zone, the full moon may overlap directly with Christmas, fall on Christmas Eve, or happen directly after the holiday.

Most recently, there was a Christmas Full Moon in 2015 for both the Eastern Time Zone and UTC. And the next Christmas Full Moon will be in 2034 for those two time zones as well.

December 25, 2015

The December 2015 Full Moon was the last Christmas Full Moon on Friday, December 25, 2015 06:11 EST or 11:11 UTC. This was the first full moon of the Winter 2015-2016 season. It occurred a few days after the Winter 2016 Solstice.

December 25, 2034

The December 2034 Full Moon will be the next Christmas Full Moon on Monday December 25, 2034 03:54 EST or 08:54 UTC. This will be the first full moon of the Winter 2034-2035 season. It will occur a few days after the Winter 2024 Solstice.

Future Full Moon Calendars

And if you’re looking for when the full moon occurs for the rest of the year, check out these future full moon calendars.

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